Specializing in Functional Elegance

“A Higher Level of Architectural Design”


Services / Process

  • CONSULTATION - providing pertinent information as it applies to a specific project
  • MUNICIPAL CODE RESEARCH - identifying what zoning regulations apply and how
  • SITE ASSESSMENT / EVALUATION - determining how best to design for a unique location (usually by means of a Soils Report particularly if the site is sloped)
  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN - translating ideas and information into sketch / drawing format
  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - applying structural, electrical, plumbing, etc. solutions
  • CONSULTANT COORDINATION - introducing related design professionals as needed
  • PERMIT / CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS - development of site, roof and floor plans, sections, interior / exterior elevations, details, etc.
  • PERMIT APPLICATION / SUBMITTAL - coordinating and providing required forms, drawings, calculations and information for project review and approval by the City / County Community Development Department
  • RESPONSE TO AGENCY COMMENTS - provide corrections, clarification or additional information as instructed by the City / County Community Development Department until the project is approved
  • CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION - coordinate changes and information with the General Contractor, periodically observe construction progress to ensure conformity with design intent and report to the client

Note that services can be somewhat tailored so as to best suit your project needs and thus save potential costs

For small projects (i.e. additions, modifications, tenant improvements, etc.) the time typically involved from initial contact with an Architect to permit submittal can range from several weeks to several months. Once submitted, most City / County Community Development Agencies take 2-4 weeks for review / approval depending on whether comments are issued. Larger projects (i.e. new builds) depend on overall complexity, consultant schedules, level of drawing detail and information required, etc. and can take a year or longer.